Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap

Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap Yo-Han gives his all to save Ki-Seok until the last moment. Even after, giving his best he is unable to save Ki-Seok. Ki-Seok’s death totally devastates Yo-Han who takes out his anger on Shi-Young. News reports the death of former health minister, prosecutors investigate theContinue Reading

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

If you guys have read the recap of the 1st episode you will know I really like this drama. So I have decided to do the recap for all the episodes, except the 2nd one. The second episode was really funny and I don’t think I can do justice toContinue Reading

Feel Good To Die Recap

Have you ever hated your boss so much that you wish he dies? If yes, you may be felt some remorse for our lead actress. She is tired of her nagging boss and wishes he dies. He does die not once but many times, again and again. Poor girl triesContinue Reading

Sulli Jinri Market

As mentioned previously Sulli is back with a new variety show Jinri Market. It looks like it will be a 12 part series and 1st episode was recently premiered. This is a little recap of the first episode and at the bottom of the page you could checkout the wholeContinue Reading

When Time Stops

Kim Hyun-Joong returns to the small screen after 4 years break with a new drama When Time Stops. This is his first drama after his return from his military service. Last few years has been quite tough on him because of all the scandals. In the press conference of theContinue Reading