Sulli Jinri Market

As mentioned previously Sulli is back with a new variety show Jinri Market. It looks like it will be a 12 part series and 1st episode was recently premiered. This is a little recap of the first episode and at the bottom of the page you could checkout the wholeContinue Reading

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 25 Recap

Song manager has a secret guest with her and Hyung-tak have an “Otaku” party. We also get to see Song manager’s motherly side. I’m also curious if Hyung-tak’s manager will provide any correct information or will his soap opera continues. Omniscient Interfering View Episode 25 Recap Broadcast: 20th October 2018Continue Reading

Running Man Episode 423

This is the fight for the Throne of Runninman. Members will be fighting with each other to achieve the top rank. Let’s see who comes out on the top. Running Man Episode 423 Broadcast: 21st October 2018 The episode starts with the cast and “Teletubbies” enjoying the weather. A beeContinue Reading

SBS Inkigayo Ep 979

SBS Inkigayo performances from Ep 979. Nominees: Im Chang-Jung , IU and Loco Winner: IU – Bbi Bbi Airing time will be 3 hr. earlier 12:15 (KST) from next week. Checkout the performances below. ikon – Goodbye Road   Lee Hong Ki – Cookies   NCT 127 – RegularContinue Reading

MBC Show Music Core 20181020

  MBC Show Music Core performances from 20181020. Nominees for this week’s episode were Loco, IU and Im Chang Jung. In the end, IU was the winner with “BBI-BBI” although she wasn’t present to accept her trophy. Checkout the performances below: NCT 127 – Regular   Weki Meki – CrushContinue Reading

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 24 Recap

10-second man (reason different from what you are thinking) Byung-jae’s video will be back after a long break. Hyung-tak will continue his hilarities from previous week. We will also find out how did Sung-kwang performs his MC duties. Omniscient Interfering View Episode 24 Recap Broadcast: 13th of October 2018 TheContinue Reading

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 23 Recap

Welcome to another episode of Omniscient Interfering View. Shim Hyung-tak (Let’s Eat, My Sassy Girl) is back on variety TV after his well-known performances on I Live Alone and Infinite Challenge. Doraemon lover is ready to show us his unique 4D personality. Sung-kwang also returns to his “family” after hisContinue Reading

Runnin Man Epiosde 422 recap

In today’s episode we will be searching for legendary Captain. Will Jong-kook prevail again or will we be surprised by some one else? Running Man Episode 422 Recap Broadcast Date: 14th October 2018 Kwang-soo and So-min enters in couple look clothing and immediately get suspected for having a secret mission.Continue Reading

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Ho-dong gets to meet his first love and birthday boy Min-kyung gets his gifts stolen. Let’s find out what else happens in our favorite crazy classroom. Ask Us Anything Episode 148 Recap Knowing Bros (아는 형님) Broadcast Date: 6th October 2018 Things start with Kyun-hoon’s Birthday Celebrations Ho-dong enters withContinue Reading