The Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap, The Finale

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

So we are at the final episode of the fiery priest. So far the series has been quite fun so let’s see if the finale can live up to the expectations. Hae-Il will be going for the final confrontation against his arch-enemy Joong-Kwon. While other villains are trying to run away from their crimes. Let us see how our not so proper priest does the god’s work and bring justice to the people.

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

The Final Countdown

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 RecapThe Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

Hae-Il meets Joong-Kwon and his lackeys for the final confrontation. Joong-Kwon has kidnapped the nun to threaten Hae-Il. On top of that, he has brought a lot of extra help to fight against Hae-Il. Hae-Il asks Joong-Kwon about his reason to go so far against him. Joon-Kwon’s answer is simple, he just finds Hae-Il annoying. The first phase of the fight starts between Hae-Il and 11 extras (I counted) which ends up with a victory for Hae-Il. The next phase is between Hae-Il and 3 assassins carrying a knife, Hae-Il gets extra damage after the nun’s life is threatened. But he comes out victorious in the end and all that remains is Joon-Kwon. Hae-Il overpowers him and has him on gunpoint, at that time Hae-Il’s friends arrive with police. Joong-Kwon provokes Hae-Il to shoot him while Dae-Young, Kyung-Sun, and Seung-A request him to put the gun down. He finally listens to them and Joong-Kwon is taken by cops in custody.

Capturing Evil

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 RecapThe Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

Joong-Kwon overpowers the cop and takes his gun but before he could shoot someone Dae-Young shoots him down and kills him in self-defense. Hae-Il says the last prayer for Joong-Kwon and his soul. Later, Kyung-Sun runs into Yo-Han who is staring at stars and is feeling the gravitational pull. He explains to her that since he got hit while protecting her he can feel and see stars moving position and some other astronomical phenomenons. He has even contacted NASA about it, Kyung-Sun just finds him weird. The news about the priest Lee’s murder and other corruptions is released. Seok-Tae is brought for questioning but he looks confident with his lawyers who are provided by Hanjoo Group. But his confidence flies away when news about Hanjoo group’s son involved in the murder is played and the lawyers leave him to himself. He is then arrested for murder, Hae-Il finds the video of priest Lee’s murder in Joong-Kwon’s belongings. Meanwhile, Dae-Kyung and his team also arrest Cheol-Bum.

Confession Time

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 RecapThe Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

Cheol-Bum confesses to his crime while Seok-Tae has no choice because of the video evidence. Cheol-Bum tells Kyung-Sun that she should be punished for her crimes as well. She tells him she is going to confess to everything after she put everyone behind bars. During the questioning, all the corrupted villains put blame on each other and hold each other responsible for all the corruption they are involved. The cult leader calls himself innocent but he shuts his trap when a video of his “crimes” is played. Then they get a big surprise when the congressman Park returns from dead. In a flashback, we see Hae-Il and his team creating fake death of Mr.Park to fool his friends turned enemies. Now the villains have nowhere to run but go to Jail. Elsewhere, Ssongsak meets his new friend Jang-Ryong and tells him to come to see him after he comes out of Jail. Sung-Kyu also regains conscience bringing relief to Hae-Il and the nun among others. Everything seems to be returning to normal, Hae-Il reveals that he will be leaving after Sung-Kyu becomes fully fit.

Back To Normal, NOT

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 RecapThe Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

He can’t remain priest after doing all these “bad” things. Kyung-Sun also prepares to confess to her crimes as she takes the last walk with Hae-Il under flowers. Hae-Il drops her to the prosecutor’s office and thanks her for following the Lord’s teaching. Elsewhere, Yo-Han is contacted by NASA officials who are really interested in his special power. Meanwhile, Kyung-Sun’s senior tells her that rather than demotion she will be working for him now. She will have to help him catch corrupted officials and criminals. Her life is not going to be easy now and that will be her real punishment. She and her team consist of Dae-Young and other cops work on catching criminals and corrupt officials together. While Hae-Il has to treat Dae-Young with special beef cuts because of losing a bet he made earlier in the season. Hae-Il says his last goodbye to everyone before leaving. But right then THE POPE arrives and tells him that he is the real priest and should remain in the church. Things don’t change as they continue to fight (or run away) the evil doers.


The action comedy series has finally come to an end. It was really funny from start to finish. Although it has its emotional and action moments but I really liked this series for its comedy and over the top antics. It has some aspects directed quite similar to anime/J-drama which made it different from other K-drama comedy. These added directional aspects just added to the fun level of the whole series. The chemistry between the male duo was great and the female duo was not far behind. The side characters were really enjoyable and were like the icing on the cake. Overall, the whole series was really fun and I will highly recommend this drama for you if you haven’t seen it yet. No wonder it was chosen as the best comedy series of 2019 so far in my picks for best 2019 dramas for the first quarter.

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