The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap, Premiere Week

The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap


Drama: The Great Show

Hangul: 위대한 쇼

Network: tvN

Episodes: 16

Airing: Monday & Tuesday 21:30



Wie Dae-Han (Song Seung-Heon) is an ex-lawmaker and is a materialistic kind of politician. He looses election when his father commits suicide, leading people to accuse Dae-Han of ignoring his father. One day, 18-year-old girl Da-Jung (Roh Jeong-Eui) comes to him. She tells him that he is her real father and that her mother died in a hit-and-run accident. Dae-Han accepts Da-Jung and her 3 younger siblings. He decides to put “The Great Show” to get rid of his reprobate son image and to get elected again. In his endeavor he will be helped by lovely Jung Soo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Bin).

The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap

Leaders of The Nations

In 2016, Dae-Han is running for election to get elected for the national assembly. He is against the veteran leader, Kyung-Hoon (Son Byung-Ho). In this David and Goliath battle both are neck to neck in projected polls. During his campaign Dae-Han lies, flatters people among other things like just every other politician when he receives the news of his father’s death (Suicide). In a flashback, we see that his father cheated on his mother and left them. We also, see the reason for the rivalry between Dae-Han and Kyung-Hoon.

Dae-Han is accused of ignoring his father and becomes to know as a reprobate son. To gain people’s trust and to show that he is a filial son Dae-Han goes to great length putting a show. His show seemed to work, but he still ends up losing the election by a small margin. On top of it he also breaks-up with his girlfriend (right before she was about to dump him). In present, Soo-Hyun is “accused” of dating during her college days by a jealous co-worker in front of Kang Joon-Ho (Im Joo-Hwan). Soo-Hyun informs her that they were only on the same student council and never dated each other.

Blast From The Past

Elsewhere, Dae-Han is working as a designated driver for drunk people. This is also part of his another show to make a grand comeback in the next election. Although things are not going that well as his image is not improving as he wants it to. He then gets a surprise when he meets Soo-Hyun in his neighborhood. Furthermore, he also learns that she is her new neighbor. At that a girl (Da-Jung) comes up to him who has lost her younger brother. At first not wanting to help her he sees the situation to improve his image.

He takes her to the police and also gives her advice when she tells him that her mother has died. She also tells him that she is going to her biological father who doesn’t know about her existence. Da-Jung later calls him to tell him that she is going to see his father, he wishes her luck. He then hears the door bell and gets a surprise of lifetime when he sees Da-Jung standing at his doorstep with her other siblings. Da-Jung tells him that he is her biological father, her mother is the lady he met during travelling in his younger days.

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The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap

Blood Doesn’t Lie

Before Dae-Han can takes in the news fully, Soo-Hyun also visits him. She seems worried about Da-Jung meeting her father not knowing that Da-Jung and her siblings are hiding inside. After Soo-Hyun leaves, Dae-Han agrees to let the kids stay for the night and decide to have a DNA test. Next day, he goes to the kid’s uncle to take them in but the uncle is not in any situation to take care of the kids. Elsewhere, Kyung-Hoon is already putting a show doing “charity work” in preparation for upcoming elections.

This time he wants his son Joon-Ho, to run from the same seat as Dae-Han. Later, Dae-Han tells Da-Jung that no matter the result of their DNA test he will send them to an orphanage. Kids decide to leave his house, at same time Soo-Hyun appears. Not to ruin his image Dae-Han tells her that he is taking kids to their house as they have been kicked out by their “father”. The kids also doesn’t reveal her identity but continue to insult their “father” in front of Soo-Hyun. Next day, Dae-Han receives the DNA report which reveals that he is not Da-Jung’s biological father.

Enemy Makes Me A Savior

The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap

Although, he is not sure why Da-Jung’s mother lied to her daughter about her biological father. Dae-Han also sees the news about his opposition’s volunteer work. Elsewhere, the kid’s are getting harassed by the loan sharks for the debt their parent’s left. Meanwhile, working as a designated driver he is called by a customer who turns out to be Joon-Ho (his new enemy and former classmate). On top of it he is with Hye-Jin, Dae-Han’s Ex-girlfriend.

Later, Dae-Han and Soo-Hyun go to the kids who are facing the loan sharks. Dae-Han feeling low after his meeting with Joon-Ho comes up with a plan.  He decides to take the kids in and use them to improve his image and beat Joon-Ho int the next election. He goes and save the kids and also tells the loan sharks that he is their father.

End of The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap.

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