The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap, Premiere Week

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Yoon Shi-Yoon returns to the small screen after his forced break after 1N2D went on hiatus. Cho Jung-Seok who got married last October also returns on the small screen. The will be joined by Han Ye-ri and Choi Moo-Sung in other leading roles. The drama is about the Donghak Peasant Revolution which took place in the late 19th century. Shi-Yoon and Jung-Sok will be playing the roles of brothers who have the same father but different mothers. Choi Moo-Sung will be playing the role of Jeon Bong-Joon the leader of the revolution.

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

The Good, The Bad And The Poor

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 RecapThe Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Late 19th century Joseon’s poor people are suffering by the hands of rich and people of authority. The corruption is at its peak and there is no one who cares about poor people’s suffering. During this time in Gobu a hooligan, Yi-Kang runs into Bong-Joon the rumored leader of Donghak. Bong-Joon is taken to the magistrate’s court where he is punished by the magistrate under the influence of Man-Deuk and his money. They also create a bogus law which bans people of Gobu to sell their rice to anyone outside of Gobu. At this time Man-Deuk’s youngest son Yi-Hyun returns to the town. It turns out Yi-Kang is also Man-Deuk’s son but from a woman of a lower class. Meanwhile, Bong-Joon plans to start a revolution to overthrow the corrupt officials and take control of Gobu. Man-Deuk receives the news that they will have a new magistrate. This could harm Man-Deuk’s plans with the current magistrate that is under his control.

Built Up Anger

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 RecapThe Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Elsewhere, Ja-In tries to buy rice for her peddler’s group but fails, she tries to persuade Man-Deuk but fails again.   Man-Deuk is also able to scare the new magistrate resigns before his arrival in Gobu and the current magistrate keeps his position. Ja-In secretly buys rice from Gobu and get in a tangle with Yi-Kang and his group. Ja-In’s guard and Yi-Kang have the fight to settle their score in which Yi-Kang is beaten badly. Meanwhile, Yi-Hyun is planning to take a civil service exam in order to fight the corruption from inside. Ji-An goes to Bong-Joon to buy medicine and during their conversation realizes who he is. Furthermore, she wants to meet the new magistrate in hope of changing the bogus law, Bong-Joon tells her that things won’t change. Man-Deuk then hears the bad news that a new magistrate is coming and he ordered to abolish the bogus law. Man-Deuk then goes to “meet” the new magistrate with Yi-Kang. Next day, the old magistrate returns as the new magistrate much to the disappointment of people of Gobu.

The Revolution

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 RecapThe Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Elsewhere, scholar Sok-Joo and his group allies themselves with Bong-Joon and his cause. It turns out that the old magistrate retaining his position is what Bong-Joon wanted. Bong-Joon uses this opportunity and the anger of people to start a rebellion in Gobu. He and suffering people of Gobu march through the streets to the place where the party for the magistrate is taking place. Man-Deuk is stabbed while trying to run away with his gold. Yi-Kang saves him and takes him to Ji-An’s place. She helps them in exchange for money while Yi-Hyun who away also hears the news about the rebellion. Bong-Joon’s people come looking for Man-Deuk at Ji-An’s place but leave before they could find him. Elsewhere, Bong-Joon’s group destroy the infamous Manseok Reservoir, he also distributes the rice to the people. Bong-Joon is not satisfied with Gobu alone and he wants to take control of the whole province but Seok-Joo doesn’t agree with his views. Ji-An receives a job, that is to kill the leader of the rebellion. Yi-Kang agrees to help her in exchange for his father’s treatment.

The Aftermath

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 RecapThe Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Deok-Ki and Yi-Kang move forward to kill but get arrested by Bong-Joon’s people. Ji-An’s request Bong-Joon to release both of them, He releases Deok-Ki but not Yi-Kang. Yi-Kang is taken in front of people who want him hanged and dead. Bong-Joon cuts him (and then sent to jail) instead of killing him in order to stay true to his cause. Yi-Hyun secretly arrives in Gobu to look for his father, Bong-Joon’s people also find out the location of Man-Deuk. Yi-Hyun successfully escapes them while carrying his father all night long. A new magistrate arrives in Gobu, he seems scared of Bong-Joon and his people. Bang-Joon is visited by an elder of Donghak. Both of them seems to have different views on Donghak and the revolution. Bong-Joon loses his support and as well that of the scholar Seok-Joo and his group. Yi-Kang is released from prison but his hand doesn’t fully function. Meanwhile, Man-Deuk returns to Gobu with Yi-Hyun and quite a force. As soon as he arrives he threatens Seok-Joo with his life. Ji-An is also arrested on Man-Deuk’s order furthermore he tells Yi-Kang to call him as a father from now on.


Storywise quite different from your usual sageuk dramas. The first scene was a magnificent piece of direction especially the black and white drop back. The drama is about the Donghak Peasant Revolution which was quite similar to the French revolution. Although not as successful as the French revolution it had quite the effect on the society of South Korea.

You may have also seen similarities between this one and Six Flying Dragons along with the cast. It is because both of them are directed by the same person, Shin Kyung-Soo. Having already read about the revolution I know how things will turn out but I still want to see the drama. It looks beautiful and intriguing can’t wait for the next week. I hope you guys also enjoyed it as much as I did.


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