We are welcomed with a new drama starring the Goblin couple Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In-Na. The drama is about an actress Yoon-Seo who is beautiful but is bad at acting. She is offered the role of a secretary of a lawyer in a drama. To improve her acting she decides to work as a secretary for a real lawyer. Jung-Rok is a cold-hearted arrogant lawyer under whom Yoon-Seo works as a secretary.

Touch Your Heart Episode 1 Recap

Fallen From Grace

Touch Your Heart Episode 1 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 1 Recap

Yoon-Seo is hit by a drug scandal, her image and work are highly affected by it and she is forced to take hiatus. A tv show panelist is talking about the forgotten star (Yoon-Seo). It is revealed that she was found not guilty but was unable to make any comebacks. Watching the programme Yoon-Seo decides to take a lot of pills, her manager arrives and stops her just in time. In the process, he further humiliates her with some true facts. It turns out the pills were vitamin pills and she was taking so many together because she is an airhead. In his manager’s belongings, she finds a script and thinks it is for her. He tells her that it is not for her but she forcibly takes it and locks herself and start reading the script.

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The Condition For The Comeback

Touch Your Heart Episode 1 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 1 Recap

Yoon-Seo starts imaging herself playing the role, her bad acting shows during her reading. She tells her manager she really wants to do it, her manager gives her some excuses but she is not getting his drift. She personally calls the writer, the writer tells her that she is a bad actress and the viewers don’t want to see her. Yoon-Seo starts acting cute and writers agree to hire her on a condition. She has to work as a legal secretary for three months to a real lawyer. Yoon-Seo is totally against the idea but she has persuaded thanks to her agency’s CEO and her manager’s reverse psychology tactics. The CEO calls his cousin who runs a law firm (and is a big fan of Yoon-Seo) and asks for his help in the matter.

The New Intern

Touch Your Heart Episode 1 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 1 Recap

Joon-Kyu (the cousin) agrees to hire Yoon-Seo and team her up with his best lawyer. Joon-Kyu decides to team up her with Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok is totally against the idea for the obvious reason. Joon-Kyu emotionally blackmails him and is able to get his agreement. Jung-Rok agrees on a condition that if she decides to leave on her on then no stopping her. Next day, most of the staff from the firm is excited to see Yoon-Seo. She arrives dressed as if she is on a red carpet. She introduces herself to Jung-Rok but he acts as he doesn’t know her. Yoon-Seo starts performing a few of her famous CFs but gets no response from Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok tells the rules she has to follow while she works as his secretary.

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Just Not That Into You

Touch Your Heart Episode 1 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 1 Recap

Yoon-Seo is not familiar with the work hence she is quite bad at it. Her short dress is not of any help during her work which further annoys Jung-Rok. Later at lunch, she wants to eat with Jung-Rok but he tells her that he has other plans. She has become quite close to the other staff, Jung-Rok sees it as she is interfering other people works and he tells her that. She gets quite annoyed with him, late she hears him talking about a case but thinks he is talking bad about her. That night she studies hard to improve herself. Next day, she arrives at the office properly dressed and is looking for a compliment from Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok shouts at her for misplacing the documents from his desk. Annoyed Yoon-Seo asks him that does he hate women. He replies that he loves women but he is not at all interested in her specifically.

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