In the previous episode, Moon-Hee has started to fall for Yoon-Hyuk even after her best effort not to. Jung-Rok, Yoon-Seo, and Doo-Seob help Eun-Ji’s daughter who is wrongly framed for bullying. Kang-Joon who involved Yoon-Seo in the drug scandal returns from overseas. he has not gotten over Yoon-Seo and starts keeping an eye on Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo.

Touch your Heart Episode 10 Recap

Dating is Done Best In Secret

Touch your Heart Episode 10 RecapTouch your Heart Episode 10 Recap

Joon-Kyu, Yoon-Seo, and Jung-Rok are in the office elevator together, again. They see a couple secretly holding hands, Joon-Kyu wishes to be in a relationship as well. Yoon-Seo unintentionally disses him thinking he was married all this time. At the office, Jung-Rok secretly winks at Yoon-Seo while together with the other staff, surprising Yoon-Seo. They continue their secret dating during the office hours, they are trying their best but are scared of being caught as well. Meanwhile, Moon-Hee only has Yoon-Hyuk on her mind while “working”. She is trying to move her mind to something else but he is not helping with his presence. Him not minding his own business is not helping her cause.¬† Later, at a romantic dinner, Yoon-Seo wants to reveal her true reason to work at the law firm.

Falling For The Enemy

Touch your Heart Episode 10 RecapTouch your Heart Episode 10 Recap

But she keeps it a secret, for the time being, then she asks him to her house to which he agrees. Both of them then start overthinking about asking and agreeing to meet at her home.¬†Next day, he arrives at her home, both are awkward with the situation. Both of them are worried about the other person misinterpreting their intentions. Things get more and more awkward when she shows around her home to Jung-Rok. Elsewhere, Moon-Hee is falling deeper and deeper for Yoon-Hyuk, who has no idea about her feelings. She then melts in his arms when he tries to teach her how to play Ukelele. Meanwhile, Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo are somehow able to calm down and enjoy their date. Things end up with them kissing, more may have happened but sadly wasn’t shown.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap


Meeting The Father-In-Law

Touch your Heart Episode 10 RecapTouch your Heart Episode 10 Recap

Next day, Se-Won sees the news of Kang-Joon and asks Jung-Rok about Yoon-Seo but doesn’t reveal the information. Elsewhere, Yoon-Seo’s manager and CEO are also worried about the situation, Yoon-Seo doesn’t know about the return of Kang-Joon. Later, she runs into Jung-Rok’s father and mistakes him as her stalker fan. She then gets flustered when she finds out that he is Jung-Rok’s father and apologizes for her mistake. Both father and son doesn’t seem to be close to each other and gets into a little quarrel. Elsewhere, Se-Won is told by his superior to wrap up his current case asap against his wishes. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo is worried that her mistake may have caused a problem between Jung-Rok and his father.

Netflix’s Kingdom Recap


Face To Face With The Evil

Touch your Heart Episode 10 RecapTouch your Heart Episode 10 Recap

Jung-Rok receives a call from his mother who tells him about his father is involved in a case. He then goes and meets his father and agrees to help him with the case. Jung-Rok then sees his father and console him after constant pressure from Yoon-Seo. Elsewhere, Se-Won is not backing down and is going against his superiors. His junior is worried that it may damage his future career prospects but he doesn’t listen to her. Jung-Rok then fights for his father and is able to get a good result. He and his father then go for lunch and joined by Yoon-Seo. She is quite eager to change his future father-in-law’s opinion about her. At lunch, Jung-Rok brags about Yoon-Seo and reveals to his father that they are dating giving his father a surprise. Later, they are chased by Kang-Joon, Yoon-Seo gets scared after seeing him.


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