In the previous episode, Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo are enjoying the pleasure of dating in secrecy. Moon-Hee is falling deeper and deeper for Yoon-Hyuk without his knowledge. Jung-Rok helps out his father in a court case and introduces Yoon-Seo to him as his new girlfriend. Their happy days don’t last as long as Kang-Joon, Yoon-Seo’s stalker returns from overseas. Jung-Rok and Kang-Joon come face to face.

Touch Your Heart Episode 11 Recap

Not A Mistake

Touch Your Heart Episode 11 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 11 Recap

Kang-Joon chases down Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo in his, Yoon-Seo gets scared after seeing him. Kang-Joon then “apologizes” as he thought Yoon-Seo was someone else. Yoon-Seo’s face has turned pale after encountering Kang-Joon. She wants to tell Jung-Rok about Kang-Joon but he tells her he already knows about it. She then receives a message from Kang-Joon stating how she betrayed him and that he will meet her again. Jung-Rok wants to take action but Yoon-Seo stops him as she doesn’t want to provoke Kang-Joon. Jung-Rok takes her home and keeps her company to make her feel safe. She then tells Jung-Rok how she first meets Kang-Joon, his stalking behavior and how she got involved in the drug scandal. Jung-Rok spends the night at her home, the next day she cooks for him.

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Not That Amusing

Touch Your Heart Episode 11 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 11 Recap

Se-Won has to drop the case he working on because of the pressure from his superiors. Moon-Hee hears Yoon-Hyuk talking to his mother about his upcoming birthday. She then asks for advice from his colleagues for a gift without revealing the identity of her crush. Yoon-Seo is looking her usual cheerful self but Jung-Rok knows she is bothered by Kang-Joon’s return.  To cheer her he asks her out on a date and they go to an amusement park. Later, she is cheered but he has lost power in his legs after riding the “scary” rides. He then tries some few other things to cheer her up, he fails in his activities. But she finds his failures funny and starts to smile.  He then drops her home and picks her up for work the next morning.

Not Scared Anymore

Touch Your Heart Episode 11 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 11 Recap

Jung-Rok then notices some other car following them. He then makes an excuse and makes Yoon-Seo goes to the office first. Someone is taking Yoon-Seo’s photo secretly, Jung-Rok catches him. Yoon-Seo also arrives at the scene and then calls Kang-Joon. She threatens him that if he keeps sending people to tail her they will see others in the court of law. She further tells Kang-Joon that she is not scared of anymore although in heart she is afraid of his retaliation. Moon-Hee arrives at the office dressed and acting as Yoon-Seo (Yoon-Hyuk’s ideal woman). She then asks Joon-Hyuk for dinner to celebrate his birthday and to return the favor (he gifted her a ukelele in the last episode). He rejects her because of his plans with his mother, she gets really disappointed. Elsewhere, Kang-Joon bets the cameraman for getting caught.

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House of Horrors

Touch Your Heart Episode 11 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 11 Recap

The writer of the drama and director meets Joon-Seok and tells him that they can’t cast Yoon-Seo because the investor is threatening to back out. Joon-Seok informs the news to Yoon-Seo and tells her that he will meet investor and persuade him. Meanwhile, Yoon-Hyuk is scolded by the husband of his crazy client. Moon-Hee comes to his rescue and protects him making his heart flutter a little. Later, Joon-Seok and Yoon-Seo go to persuade the investor, the investor turns out to be none other than Kang-Joon. After seeing him Yoon-Seo leaves the place declaring she won’t do the drama anymore anyway. Worried about Yoon-Seo, Jung-Rok goes to her home to raise her spirits. Jung-Rok gets new information from his client about the case Se-Won had to drop. Jung-Rok gives him the information, it looks like Kang-Joon is involved as well. Kang-Joon enters Yoon-Seo’s home secretly and attacks her, Jung-Rok comes just in time and saves her.


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