In the previous episode, Jung-Rok breaks up with Yoon-Seo in order to help her continue her entertainment career. Yoon-Seo is totally broken-hearted but works hard on her drama shooting. Yeo-Reum and Se-Won start dating, Yoon-Hyuk starts to have feelings for Moon-Hee. Jung-Rok decides to defend Soo-Myung and gets criticized by the public for being an attention whore.

Touch Your Heart Episode 14 Recap

Break-Up and Make-Up

Touch Your Heart Episode 14 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 14 Recap

Jung-Rok decides to take on the murder case involving Park Soo-Myung and gets under public scrutiny. Things also get awkward between him and Joon-Kyu. Jung-Rok’s decision to take on the case has also put the law firm’s future in doubt. He then decides to resign from the firm as he doesn’t want to damage the firm because of his action. Joon-Kyu gets really angry with Jung-Rok and tells him to do whatever he wants. The atmosphere in the firm gets really sullen because of the recent issues. Se-Won arranges a meeting between Jung-Rok and Joon-Kyu, he tells them to stop fighting like kids. Se-Won plays reverse psychology on both of them and then leaves them alone to mind their differences. Both understand each other and decide to fight side by side until the end.

Fight For The Right

Touch Your Heart Episode 14 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 14 Recap

Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo is worried about Jung-Rok but decides to not contact him. Next day, Joon-Kyu calls an emergency meeting to save both Soo-Myung and Jung-Rok. Yoon-Seo “coincidentally” runs into Se-Won and asks him about Jung-Rok. She seems quite worried about Jung-Rok, Se-Won tells him that he is not doing alright at all because of the case. Elsewhere, Jung-Rok suspects that Yoon-Hee may have an accomplice who helped her with the murder. Joon-Kyu puts everyone from the firm on the case to help Jung-Rok’s workload. Jung-Rok also gets the overly excited new intern as his secretary. The new intern is having a difficult time getting “close” to Jung-Rok just like Yoon-Seo did when she first started working.

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Cold As Ice

Touch Your Heart Episode 14 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 14 Recap

The intern then finds a pen left by Yoon-Seo, he then calls her about it. When Jung-Rok returns to the office he finds Yoon-Seo there. The intern tells him she is there to pick up her important “pen”. She tells Jung-Rok that she is worried about him because of the recent matters. He acting cold towards her tells her to not worry about him anymore. As they have already broken up instead she should concentrate on her career. She is totally devastated by his coldness towards her. Later, Jung-Rok finds in normality in the blood splatter on Soo-Myung’s jacket he was wearing during the murder. He raises the question about this in the court and also the disappearance of Yoon-Hee. Surprisingly, Yoon-hee attends the trial as the prosecutor’s witness. She then testifies that Soo-Myung is the one who killed her husband.

Risen From Dead

Touch Your Heart Episode 14 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 14 Recap

Later, the prosecutor also suspects something fishy as he got suddenly contacted by Yoon-Hee before the trial. Meanwhile, her testimony has made media totally against Soo-Myung and Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok then finds another clue and asks Yeo-Reum for her help. Elsewhere, Yoon-Seo’s manager is unable to see her in a depressing mood anymore. He then reveals his meeting with Jung-Rok and why he broke up with her. She then understood why he broke up with her decides to get back together with Jung-Rok. A few days later the identity of the secret man is revealed and he turns out to be Yoon-Hee’s dead husband. He reveals everything and Yoon-Hee is arrested for the murder for the second time. Jung-Rok turns from a villain to a hero, he also confesses to Yoon-Seo that he loves her.




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