In the previous episode, Jung-Rok and Joon-Kyu get into an argument over the murder case. They later make up after Se-Won’s intervention. Who also tell Yoon-Seo that Jung-Rok is having a hard time without her. She goes to meet Jung-Rok but he coldly dismisses her and tells her to concentrate on her career. Jung-Rok pursues the murder case and is able to prove that his client is innocent. In the process he becomes a public hero not long ago the same public was calling him the villain. Yoon-Seo finds out that her manager told Jung-Rok to break-up with her. She goes to see him and asks him to give them another chance.

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

Getting Caught

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

Yoon-Seo knowing the truth about the reason for the break-up wants to get together with Jung-Rok. Jung-Rok hesitates but gives to the “temptation” and kisses her. He then takes Yoon-Seo to her home and establishes new rules about their dating. Jung-Rok wants to keep their relationship secret hence refrains from meeting in public areas. Both of them then sleep in the same bed (just sleep nothing perverse). Yoon-Seo’s manager comes the next morning to pick her up and finds Jung-Rok hiding in the bathroom. He is not happy to see Jung-Rok in her house, Yoon-Seo is not happy to see her manager. After Jung-Rok leaves Yoon-Seo and her manager get in an argument over Jung-Rok staying at her home.

Off-Screen Romance

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

Later, Yoon-Seo and Jung-Rok keep texting each other while they are at work. They plan to eat dinner together but Yoon-Seo’s shooting gets extended. Elsewhere, Joon-Kyu is riding on the high horse after Jung-Rok won the murder case. His cousin (Yoon-Seo’s CEO) wants to hire their firm for future advice, Joon-Kyu is not so keen about the idea. But he is lured by the pretense of future parties with beautiful actresses and readily agrees with his cousin. Yoon-Seo’s drama production company wants to hire a lawyer for advising with the drama. Jung-Rok agrees to become the advisor in hopes to see Yoon-Seo more often. His sudden acceptance of the job surprises his colleagues from the firm. Later, Yoon-Seo is surprised to see Jung-Rook at her shoot, he explains to her that he has become the advisor for her drama. Both of them are caught by her manage while they are hugging each other, he is not happy.

Kill It Episode 1 Recap


Lights Camera Kiss

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

During the shoot, they keep doing secret skinship, her manage keeps worrying that they are going to get caught. Elsewhere, Yoon-Hyuk is unable to tell his true feelings for Moon-Hee to her because of his ego. Next day, Joon-Kyu asks Jung-Rok about the shoot, he also talks about the male lead. Joon-Kyu thinks Yoon-Seo maybe dating he co-lead making Jung-Rok jealous. Meanwhile, Yoon-Hyuk sees Moon-Hee with the intern and gets furious with jealousy as well. Later, he confronts Moon-Hee and tells her his true feeling and they start dating. Yoon-Seo and Jung-Rok enjoy dinner at her home, she wants to practice the drama script (kiss scene) with Jung-Rok. But Jung-Rok puts water on her perverse fire when he starts nitpicking the script with the correct legal jargon.

Jealousy Incarnation

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

Later, he sees a kiss scene in the script and loses all energy (Yoon-Seo’s co-star is known as Kiss Master). Next day he is unable to concentrate while Moon-Hee and Yoon-Hyuk their relationship to their colleagues. Later, at the shoot, Jung-Rok is not feeling well because of the upcoming kiss scene. As a “legal advisor” he advices to the director of the drama that a kiss scene is inappropriate. Yoon-Seo’s manager is not happy with Jung-Rok’s jealousy issues. Later, at the law firm team dinner, Jung-Rok looks sad while Yoon-Hyuk and Moon-Hee are showing their lovey-dovey romance. His colleagues think that he is sad because he has a crush on Moon-Hee, Jung-Rok is dumbfounded. Yoon-Seo suddenly crashes the team dinner surprising everyone. She then reveals that she and Jung-Rok are dating shocking everyone especially Joon-Kyu.



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