In the previous episode, the leading couple starts dating again hoping to keep it secret this time. But get caught my Yoon-Seo’s manager. Then Jung-Rok starts working as an advisor for Yoon-Seo’s upcoming drama. Their secret dating is giving a headache to the manager. Joon-Hyuk and Moon-Hee also start dating each other and reveal it to their co-workers. Following suit Yoon-Seo also reveals her relationship with Jung-Rok to the law firm workers.

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

Worrying For Different Reasons

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

Jung-Rok prepares early morning breakfast for Yoon-Seo after spending the night at her home. When he returns his home Se-Won misunderstand that he was working until late at night. At the office, Yoon-Hyuk is not happy with the leading couple for stealing his thunder. But the most hurt by the news is our CEO Joon-Kyu. He starts acting petty towards Jung-Rok for being sly. Elsewhere, Se-Won and Yeo-Reum are worried about Jung-Rok because of his “break-up” with Yoon-Seo. They set him up at a blind date without his knowledge, Yoon-Seo arrives at the location as well. She tells the lady that “this guy” belongs to her and drags Jung-Rok with her. Yoon-Seo than gets angry with him for being so tall and his good looks. She is worried that other ladies may take her away from her. Jung-Rok also tells Yoon-Seo that he was worried because of her grand celebrity status.

Thanks To The Technology

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

Later, Yoon-Seo’s manager tells her that they will have to go overseas (next day) for one month because of the drama shoot. She and Jung -Rok plans for a sudden date to use all the time before her departure. Joon-Kyu doesn’t agree to give Jung-Rok a day off out of jealousy. He finally agrees to give him time off but Jung-Rok then has to go to a police station because of his client. He tells Yoon-Seo the reason they can’t meet up, she then comes to the firm to work as his secretary. This way he could work and they could spend time together as well. Elsewhere, Se-Won agrees to move in with Yeo-Reum in her house. Yoon-Seo has to go because of a live internet interview that his manager forgot to tell her about. During the interview, Jung-Rok wins the chance to talk with Yoon-Seo through a phone call. During the call, they subtly express their love for each other.

Kill It Episode 1 Recap


Just a Scandal

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

After Yoon-Seo goes away for her overseas shoot they stay stuck to their phones during the whole.  Later, Jung-Rok and Se-Won part ways after Se-Won moves out from the former’s house. Jung-Rok receives a call from Yoon-Seo who tells her not to misunderstood the news. He then reads the news article about Yoon-Seo dating her co-star. Next day, at work his co-workers gossip about the dating rumor. Joon-Kyu tells gossiper Yoon-Hyuk to be more worried about Moon-Hee as she tends to fall in love quite fast. Because of the comments, Yoon-Hyuk gets suspicious which causes misunderstanding between him and Moon-Hee (which is solved with a kiss). Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo return from overseas, she keeps calling Jung-Rok but he doesn’t pick answer the calls. When she reaches home she finds Jung-Rok at her home who has prepared a secret event for her.

The Public Announcement

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

Later, Joon-Sek tells her that they can’t reveal the truth about the scandal because of publicity issues of her upcoming drama. She then unintentional reveals that she has a boyfriend which make Joon-Seok really angry. He then visits Joon-Kyu to complain about Jung Rok. Both of them end of bragging (and diss them at the same time) about their own colleague. Elsewhere, Se-Won takes Yeo-Reum to a new house and proposes to her which she accepts. Meanwhile, Jung-Rok visits Yoon-Seo at her house for the airing of the premiere of her new drama (PPL for Her Private Life). She is quite nervous but her comeback is a success as she gets positive feedback from the audience (through comments). A few days later, she and Jung-Rok arrive together at the 10-year anniversary party of her entertainment agency. Hence revealing her true romantic partner to the public. THE END


Story: Again the best part of the story was its simplicity just like Romance is a Bonus Book. It doesn’t have many evil villains other than a short arc of an ex-stalker (1 and a half episode long). The biggest proof of the simplicity of the story is that there is no love triangle involving the leading couple. Which tends to be the main focal point of most of the Korean dramas. This could have an opposite effect on some audiences as they may have wanted more spice in the story.

Cast: The cast was amazing, I am not a big fan of Yoo In-Na but she was good as well. Lee Dong-Wook was amazing with his down to earth, simple minded by the book type character. You could feel and see the innocence on his face when he was acting. The two CEO cousins and the manager were really funny as well. I felt Sang-Woo was underused and didn’t like the actress (she is the only exception) played the character of  Yeo-Reum that much. The other love story of Moon-Hee and Yoon-Hyuk was really enjoyable. My only issue with casting was the absence of a cameo by the comedian Jo Se-Ho (Happy Together, infinity Challenge).

I personally really enjoyed the show and hope you guys did as well. And if you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend it, you guys. Especially if you enjoyed the leading couple in the GOBLIN.



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