In the previous episode, Yoon-Seo is trying to make a comeback after being on hiatus because of a drug scandal. But for her new role, she has to work as an actual secretary to a lawyer. She gets the job thanks to her agency’s CEO. She starts working as a secretary to Jung-Rok who is not happy with her work. He finds her incompetent (calls her with a wrong name) all in all annoyed with her presence.

Touch Your Heart Episode 2 Recap

Losing Again

Touch Your Heart Episode 2 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 2 Recap

Jung-Rok tells Yoon-Seo that he likes women very much but he just doesn’t like her. Yoon-Seo gets more annoyed and tells him to change his personality if he wants someone to like her. He annoys her further by calling her a different name and complaining about her incompetency at work. Yoon-Seo relieves her stress by going to the roof and swearing at Jung-Rok. Yoon-Hyuk arrives in Jung-Rok’s office and praises Yoon-Seo for her looks and competency at her work. He also returns the documents he took from Jung-Rok’s office. These are the same documents Jung-Rok scolded Yoon-Seo for misplacing. Later, Jung-Rok feels sorry towards Yoon-Seo, he apologizes to her for jumping to conclusion. When she finds out that he was in the wrong she goes crazy on him (although end up losing to him again, verbally).

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The Humiliation

Touch Your Heart Episode 2 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 2 Recap

Elsewhere, Yeo-Reum is told that her ex-boyfriend Se-Won is coming back to the work. She meets him in the elevator, she is awkward around him. Later, at Yoon-Seo’s welcome party, Yoon-Seo gets really drunk even though she promised her manager that she will stay elegant and modest. All she does is complain about Jung-Rok before passing out. Jung-Rok is absent from the party because he is dealing with a client, he arrives late to the party. Yoon-Seo in the drunken state again humiliates herself in front of Jung-Rok (he is the reason for her humiliation) and her other colleagues. Later, with her manager she promises to take revenge on this humiliation. Next day, she arrives at the office full of spirit but her colleagues replay yesterdays scene which destroys her spirit in a blink of an eye.

Dating A Cougar, Not My Thing

Touch Your Heart Episode 2 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 2 Recap

Jung-Rok also arrives at the office, he receives criticism from his colleagues for his actions from yesterday. Yoon-Seo welcomes him with a smile (much to his surprise), she is hoping for an apology from him. Instead, he criticizes her for drinking too much, which leads to more anger building up inside Yoon-Seo. Elsewhere, newly returned Se-Won is handed an important case to him by the chief prosecutor. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo does her best to become an excellent secretary in hope that Jung-Rok will miss her when she is gone. Hence, completing her revenge on Jung-Rok. Moon-Hee hits on a sandwich bar guy but gets humiliated (he calls her an aunt) to make things worse Yoon-Hyuk sees the whole thing. Next day, Yoon-Seo’s manager is unable to take her to work, she has to drive herself. Her driving skills are as bad as her acting, she drives slow as snails.

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The New Beginnings

Touch Your Heart Episode 2 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 2 Recap

Even at that speed, she causes an accident, scared of another rumor she calls her manager (while hiding her face). Jung-Rok present at the situation rescues her and handles the situation legally. She is thankful towards him and starts acting cute to him as well. He gives her a new task which she completes with flying colors. Both of them have started to change their earlier opinions about each other. She falls asleep in the office because of overwork, Jung-Rok asks her out for dinner (much to her surprise). During dinner, they see that her old commercial posters are changed with a new face. Jung-Rok feels sorry for her but she does her best to stay bright. Jung-Rok tells her that until now he felt that she was a nuisance but from now he would like to start from the beginning and give her a chance as his new secretary.


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