In the previous episode, Jung-Rok takes a murder case in which he is facing his friend Yeo-Reum in opposition. During the investigation of the case, he gets attacked which makes Yoon-Seo worry about him. He also gets help from her for his new case. Jung-Rok is able to find the real killer and wins the case. After the case, he starts to show feeling towards Yoon-Seo.

Touch Your Heart Episode 7 Recap

Imagination is Better Than Reality

Touch Your Heart Episode 7 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 7 Recap

After dinner, Jung-Ron and Yoon-Seo have a “moment” which gets disrupted by a phone call. Next day, she is overhyped and is expecting that Jung-Rok is going to ask her out. She sees flowers in her office and gets excited but they are for Jung-Rok from someone else. At work, she keeps imagining scenarios in which Jung-Rok asks confesses to her but the reality is totally different. She disappointedly comes back home and starts drinking to null her pain. In a drunken state, she calls Jung-Rok and gets angry at Jung-Rok for not asking her out for a date. She then continues and confesses her feeling for him, looks like he likes her as well but is a bit slow in the dating game. To improve his knowledge he asks help from his “master” and his roommate Se-Won. Se-Won understands the situation and advises Jung-Rok in a way that he can understand easily.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10

Avoding The Humiliation

Touch Your Heart Episode 7 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 7 Recap

Next day, Yoon-Seo wakes up from her drunken state and remembers her call to Jung-Rok. She sees the message from Jung-Rok and starts imagining things (not good) he will say to her. She gets scared and in order to avoid Jung-Rok she takes a day off from work. Jung-Rok who after getting knowledge from his master was ready to ask her out gets disappointed to hear the news of her absence. To prepare things she likes he sees an old interview of Yoon-Seo on the internet. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo’s agency CEO uses reverse psychology on Yoon-Sero but this time it doesn’t work as he desired. Elsewhere, Yeo-Reum is stressed after her loss in the case, Se-Hwan is worried about her. Yoon-Seo, on the other hand, runs into Jung-Rok in her favorite restaurant. He was there after seeing her interview video.

Making The First Move

Touch Your Heart Episode 7 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 7 Recap

Jung-Rok catches up to her and wants a talk with her. He apologizes to her for making her wait in expressing his feelings to her. Yoon-Seo gets surprised as she was expecting to hear something horrible from him, he then gives her a “love letter”. She readily agrees to go out on a date with her, he then drops her home (their first day as a couple). Meanwhile, Yeo-Reum gets scolded by her chief and gets further trolled by her jealous senior increasing her stress. She runs into Jung-Rok and faints because of her stress, Jung-Rok takes her to the hospital. He calls Se-Hwan but he is unable to reply because of his work. Jung-Rok then calls Yoon-Seo and tells her the situation and has to cancel their first date. Next day, Joon-Kyu (CEO) wants to assign Yoon-Seo to another lawyer because of workload, she tries to make excuse but Jung-Rok readily agrees to the change.

The Confession Under The Stars

Touch Your Heart Episode 7 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 7 Recap

It turns out Joon-Kyu separated both of them on his cousin’s (agency CEO) request. Meanwhile, “love at first sight” Moon-Hee receives another dating advice from Yoon-Seo after the disaster of last time. Yoon-Seo is now working with Yoon-Hyuk who is handling a divorce case of another actress (once Yoon-Seo’s rival). Later, both ex-stars run into each other (outside office), the actress starts annoying Yoon-Seo. Yoon-Seo controls herself until the end and doesn’t disclose that she works at the firm or talks about the other actress’s divorce. She then ends up complaining everything to Jung-Rok late on their way to home. Unlike, Yoon-Seo’s manager Jung -Rok doesn’t agree with her and ends up taking the other actress’s side. She is disappointed in him and gets off the car in a bad mood. Jung-Rok to make things better go to her home late at night. They end up going to see the stars where Jung-Rok confesses his feelings to her.



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