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Touch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

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Touch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode, Yoon-Seo confesses her feeling to Jung-Rok after getting drunk. They then start dating after Jung-Rok receives advice from his “master” Se-Won. Yeo-Reum is taken to hospital by Jung-Rok, he then calls Se-Won to take care of her. Yoon-Seo meets an annoying ex-actress but remains composed. After the initial hiccup, Yoon-Seo and Jung-Rok make up under the starts.

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

The Past of a Nice Guy

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

Joon-Kyu tells Yoon-Seo that Joon-Seok has told him that Jung-Rok is treating her unfavorably. He is also happy to assign her to another lawyer for her remaining time. She is surprised that her CEO complained to him, she then continues to boast about Jung-Rok. Elsewhere, Jung-Rok runs into Yeo-Reum at court and is happy to see her doing fine. Yeo-Reum asks her out for drinks later to get rid of the awkward vibe between them. Back at the office, he tells about the drinks with Yeo-Reum to Yoon-Seo who was planning a date with him. She is upset but doesn’t show it and ends up going to a romantic dinner with Moon-Hee. During her dinner, she ends up finding that Yeo-Reum is Jung-rok’s, first love. Filled with jealousy she confronts Jung-Rok who say that everything is true, his bold attitude further frustrates her. They then run into Se-Won who takes both of them to home for dring where he blabbers about how much Jung-Rok likes Yoon-Seo. Se-Won later finds her identity (after she takes of her glasses) and get surprised.

Dating a Superstar

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

Se-Won and Yoon-Seo seem to click together, Se-Won then finds out that she is upset about Yeo-Reum. He is very cool about it and handles the situation very maturely. Se-Won and Yoon-Seo then start complaining and mock Jung-Rok in front of him, he is invisible to them. Yoon-Seo has lost her anger, late Jung-Rok receives more dating advice from Se-Won. Next day, Jung-Rok puts more effort towards his looks and gets tease by Se-Won. Two new interns join the law firm (one of them is Jota), they get mesmerized by Yoon-Seo’s beauty which makes Jung-Rok jealous. Yoon-Seo is happy that he is jealous but when he denies it she gets a bit disappointed. Elsewhere, Se-Won and Yeo-Reum are getting along well after he took care of her when she was in the hospital (previous episode). Yoon-Hyuk goes to the cafe where he hears Moon-Hee’s boyfriend talking about using Moon-Hee.

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Slow And Steady Never Wins The Race

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

Moon-Hee also overhears the conversation she confronts him but he humiliates her. Yoon-Hyuk acts as her new boyfriend in order to save her from embarrassment. Yoon-Seo is going for an overnight work trip with her law firm colleagues. She gets help from her understanding manager about her behavior so that people don’t think she is pretentious. She is very excited about the trip because it is her first group trip, her colleagues are also very excited (including Jung-Rok). At a rest stop, she isn’t able to come out because of the fear of the crow, Jung-Rok decides to take care of her. But his male colleagues beat him at that as he watches them with his sad eyes. Yoon-Seo’s all excitement goes out of the window when she has to hike a mountain. Jung-Rok is slow again in trying to taking care of Yoon-Seo. His male colleagues then scold him for showing no interest in Yoon-Seo’s wellness.

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Jealousy Incarnation

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap

Later, Yoon-Seo overly dresses for the “barbeque party” and gets embarrassed when other people are dressed casually. At the party, the CEO has prepared an award ceremony, Jung-Rok wins the award for the number one salesperson. Everyone wins an award with a witty title including Yoon-Seon for being the Vitamin of the firm. All the ladies have a late night snack and gossip instead of sleeping. Moon-hee’s break-up is revealed, Yoon-Seo gets really angry at Moon-Hee’s ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, all the guys are talking about Yoon-Seo and they wonder what kind of a guy will she date. All of them boast how they are the right guy, in the end, Jung-Rok gets scolded again for his “cold” behavior towards Yoon-Seo. Yoon-Seo becomes friends with female colleagues, Moon-Hee has fallen again this time for Yoon-Hyuk. Later, she meets Jung-Rok who admits about getting jealous, both of them finally kiss.




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