Touch Your Heart Episode 9 Recap

These Macaroons Are Extra Sweet

Touch Your Heart Episode 9 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 9 Recap

Jung-Rok takes on a new case involving a macaroon shop owner vs power blogger and mean comments. He also buys lots of macaroons for Yoon-Seo who really likes them. At the office, she keeps expecting a kiss from Jung-Rok even when he is talking about work. While working on the new case she remembers how she used to get mean comments as well during her acting career. Jung-Rok sees the hate comments against Yoon-Seo and gets angry and wants to sue them. Seeing him angry makes her happy, they get close just as Moon-Hee enters the office. Yoon-Seo starts acting as they were fighting with each other over the work-related issue. While dropping Yoon-Seo home Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo talk about her acting career, later he watches her drama “Signal”. She returns to the office to bring some food for Jung-Rok who is working over time.

Side Story

Touch Your Heart Episode 9 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 9 Recap

Next day law firm staff (excluding the leading couple) go for lunch together. Moon-Hee has started to fall in love with Yoon-Hyuk and his “manliness”. Elsewhere, Se-Won and Yeo-Reum are getting close to each other making his junior jealous. Yoon-Seo didn’t have lunch because Jung-Rok was busy in a meeting with a client. When he finds out he takes her to a one-person restaurant so that next time she doesn’t stay hungry. She is disappointed that even though they came together they still have to eat by themselves. She ends up enjoying the dinner and even asks Jung-Rok to take her pics. like a paparazzi. Meanwhile, Doo-Seob safely drops Eun-Ji (after meeting “coincidentally”) to her bus stop who falls asleep on the bus. Elsewhere, Yoon-Seo wants Jung-Rok to drop formalities and change his way of talking in a less rigid way.

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To Bully or Not to Bully

Touch Your Heart Episode 9 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 9 Recap

Jung-Rok doesn’t feel comfortable with her request, they are “caught” by her manager while in Jung-Rok’s car. He questions Jung-Rok about why is he dropping Yoon-Seo to her home. Yoon-Seo is a little taken back by his sudden appearance and questioning of Jung-Rok. She is able to take her manager away who gets suspicious about her relationship with Jung-Rok. Yoon-Seo wants to tell Jung-Rok that she working as her secretary for a drama but her manager tells her to keep it a secret. Back home Jung-Rok gets teased by Se-Won while he is trying to practice to talk informally to Yoon-Seo. Next day, Eun-Ji’s daughter is suspected by the police for bullying another girl from her school. Later, Eun-Ji sees her daughter harassing another girl and suspects that her daughter may actually a bully.

The Return of The Devil

Touch Your Heart Episode 9 RecapTouch Your Heart Episode 9 Recap

Jung-Rok and Doo-Seob decide to investigate the case in order to help Eun-Ji. Yoon-Seo and Doo-Seob meet Eun-Ji’s daughter to hear her side of the story. She denies that she bullied anyone (won’t say anything else), Doo-Seob believes that she may be threatened by the real assailant. After further investigation it turns out that another was the culprit and not Eun-Ji’s daughter. Eun-Ji and her daughter clear their misunderstanding and thanks to the law firm staff for their help. Elsewhere, Yoon-Seo’s agency receives a gift send to Yoon-Seo, her manager and CEO are shocked to see the gift. It is sent by Lee Kang-Joon who involved Yoon-Seo in the drug case and he has now returned to South Korea from overseas. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo, Jung-Rok, and Joon-Kyu go for some drinks, Jung-Rok gets drunk quite fast and starts philosophizing. After drinks, Jung-Rok and Yoon-Seo are together, Kang-Joon is keeping an eye on them.




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