Ex-f(x) member Sulli to have her own reality variety show Truth Show

Sully Truth Shop
CEO Sulli Truth Shop

Sulli will have her first solo reality show called Truth Shop. It will be premiering on 25th of October and is expected to have a hot response from fans both at home and abroad. Sulli will open a store that reflects her taste and she will also be part of the planning and operating aspects of the store.

Check out the First Episode

Viewers will also get a glimpse into her lifestyle and she will be able to connect with her fans in a variety of new ways. Sulli will have a live broadcast on 23rd at 1:00 pm via Naver V live Channel. Where she will explain about the show. The first full broadcast will be on 25th via Naver TV and Channel V Live.

Check out the trailers here.

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Source: iMBC

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