Vagabond Episode 1-2 Recap, Seung-Gi And Suzy’s New Action Thriller

Vagabond Recap

Vagabond Recap

Drama: Vagabond

Hangul: 배가본드

Network: SBS

Episodes: 16

Airing: September 20 – November 9, 2019

Language: Korean

Vagabond Plot :

Cha Dal-Gun (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world-famous action actor. He becomes a taxi driver to take care of his nephew. His nephew takes a flight to Morocco but the flight crashes. In Morocco, Cha Dal-Gun sees someone that was a passenger on the fatal flight. He becomes convinced that someone or some group sabotaged his nephew’s flight. Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is an NIS agent and is currently working undercover in the Korean embassy in Morocco. She believes Dal-Gun  and soon they uncover a far darker and more sinister conspiracy than they expected.


Vagabond Recap

Vagabond Recap

Somewhere that looks like an Arabic desert two assassins are waiting for their target. The target arrives, Dal-Gun (Lee Seung-Gi)  sees the target who is none other than Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy). He is ordered to hit the target before we learn what happens we go into flashback. Dal-Gun auditions and becomes a stuntman while taking care of his young nephew. Elsewhere, two companies are presenting their new war aircraft for South Korean government. Jessica Lee is troubled because her opponents air crafts are cheaper. While in Morocco, South Korean embassy chief is arrested for bribery charges thanks to Hae-Ri who is working there covertly.

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Later in Lisbon Portugal, Jessica Lee’s assistant Michael tries to call someone while he is chased by few people. During the chase his phone fells, he calls Korean emergency services about a plane crash that is going to happen. Before he could complete his talk he is taken and killed while the operator who received is also killed before she could report about the plane crash. Elsewhere, kids including Dal-Gun’s nephew board the plane to Morocco, a mysterious man also board the same plane. Later, that man rigs the passenger’s emergency oxygen equipment which leads to a blast. Due to the blast airplane crashes and all the passengers die including Hae-Ri’s nephew.

Vagabond Episode 1-2 Recap

The president of South Korea is advised that the plane the crashed was of Dynamic company (Jessica lee’s opponents) and that the accident occurred because of aircraft failure. Elsewhere, devastated Dal-Gun watches a video sent by his new from the plane in which the mysterious man could also be seen. The family members of deceased are flown to Morocco for a mass funeral. Later, at the Morocco airport Dal-Gun sees the same mysterious man from the video. He chases after that man and gets into a fight after asking why he was alive while all other passengers died. The man thinks that Dal-Gun works for some secretive agency, he is able to get away from Dal-Gun.

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Elsewhere, Dynamic’s chief negotiator holds a talk with deceased’s family members. During the negotiation hurt Dal-Gun arrives and tells everyone that a man from the plane crash is still alive. Nobody believes him, they then check the airport video but the man in video is different from the one he was chasing. Meanwhile, the mysterious man is told about Dal-Gun and that his family member died in the crash. Dal-Gun goes to Hae-Ri’s place to meet with her. She puts a gun to his head, he asks he if she is in the same “team” as the terrorist. He takes away her gun and ties her up, he then learns that she is a NIS agent.

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He then releases her, he then sees the terrorist in a car when he comes out of her house. Hae-Ri sees the video from Dal-Gun’s nephew, suspecting foul play she sends the video to her colleague in NIS. Elsewhere, the defense minister wants to use Dynamic company’s aircraft while president wants him to change his mind and use Jessica Lee’s air crafts. The mass of funeral of the deceased takes place, the family members says their goodbyes. Hae-Ri still believing Dal-Gun calls her superior to take a look into the situation. We also learn that she was sent by her senior to look into Michael’s death.

Vagabond Recap: 6 mins. highlights:


Dal-Gun stays behind in Morocco to catch the terrorist, he tries to send the video to his friends in Korea but it is deleted. He catches the man responsible but before he could get any information out of him Dal-Gun is arrested by local cops. Meanwhile, Hae-Ri learns from her colleagues that the man in the video was speaking Spanish. Hae-Ri goes to police station after learning about Dal-Gun’s arrest, while she is out the terrorist enters her room. At the police station situation become worse after Dal-Gun threatens the victim to get information about the terrorist. Hae-Ri then meets with Dr. Kim who shows her the airplane black box after which her suspicion becomes more solid that plane crash was a terrorist attack. The pilot of the plane may also be involved, elsewhere, Dal-Gun is release from the custody.

End of Vagabond Recap



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