Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap, Yoo Jae-Seok and Jennie (BlackPink) in a New Variety Show with Other Amazing Cast

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

As mentioned earlier in the news Yoo Jae-Seok is back with another variety show. He is not alone and will be joined by an impressive cast. Some of them are Jennie (BlackPink), Son Dam-Bi, Yang Se-Hyung, Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), and others. If we go by the name it will be a survival show. Involvement of Jae-Seok in any variety show nearly guarantees it’s success but you can never be too sure. It’s also Jennie’s first outdoor variety show alone as a fixed cast member. It was supposed to air last week but didn’t because of a baseball game going in over time.

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Broadcast Date: 16th November 2018

New Arrivals

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

The cast members are on their way to the village named Michuri. First, one to arrive is Yang Se-Hyung who blabbers on, staff tell him to save his energy for later. The next one to arrive is Queen Son Dam-Bi, Se-Hyung tells her that they have met before. She doesn’t seem to remember so he tells her that he drank at her house with Kim Hee-Chul. Embarrassed Dam-Bi seems to remember it now. Jang Do-Yeon is next, she also seems close to Dam-Bi. Kang Ki-Young (Terius Behind Me) arrives next and he is carrying a shit load of stuff for a one night stay. Next to arrive is Top Star Jennie carrying an extremely pleasant smile. Se-Hyung runs to welcome her, next is Song-Kang this time Do-Yeon runs to welcome the guest.

Other cast members Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam beauty) and veteran actor Kim Sang-Ho also arrives. Last to arrive is the village head Yoo Jae-Seok dressed in grasshopper colored clothes. He tells Ki-Young this is not a hiking show after looking at the amount of stuff he brought. Se-Hyung keeps showing his bias towards Jennie but doesn’t admit to it.

Welcome to The Survival Village

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Jae-Seok tells them that they will be living in isolation for 2 days and 1 night. They can only take necessary things with them to the village. Soo-Hyang loses her snacks because of her inability to properly lie. Jennie finds Shin-Chan figurines in Song-Kang’s luggage luckily he gets to keeps them. Se-Hyung wants to take away Jennie’s cuteness, Dam-Bi wants to slap him after hearing him say that. Ahjussi Sang-Ho opens his suitcase and members are surprised to see a TV remote in it.  But it turns out it’s an “Item”. In a flashback, we see during members interview they are supposed to pick an item out of possible 8 choices. These items will help them in the future.

The cast finally moves towards the village, Se-Hyung keeps Jennie busy with his talks. They arrive at their new home and happy to see a cute dog named seolgi. This is Jennie’s first time in a village, I don’t doubt it. A video named Y-Fi is played to cast for the information about the show. We see a documentary styled video, a reporter goes into the village. It is a deserted village and he finds no human beings there. He goes to the neighboring village but people there don’t want to talk about Michuri. The reporter finally meets a man who tells him the secret about the village. Somewhere in the village their are $10,000 are buried.

What is this Green Thing?

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

The cast gets really excited after hearing him. Jae-Seok tells them that they have been given hint “items” to help them find the $10,000. They will also have two chances to play for some extra hints. The winner of the game can also duplicate other person’s hint item but they can’t steal an item. If they do they will be sent home, Sang-Ho replies if someone wants to go home all he/she has to do is steal an item. Jae-Seok and other members are taken back by his way of thinking. The one who finds the money gets to keep all of it, he/she doesn’t even have to share it with his/her agency and/or production crew.

Jennie shows her biggest smile of the day, Queen Dam-Bi also shows her ambitious side. Unlike other members, Sang-Ho is more worried about eating schedule than anything else. They have to find their own food and cook it themselves. There are hints hidden all around the village as well. Sang-Ho and Do-Yeon go looking for the sweet potatoes. Dam-Bi is with Son-Kang to dig some cabbage but she calls cabbage lettuce. Both of them doesn’t seem to have much knowledge about vegetables. Some of you will be thinking God is fair he gave them the beauty but not the brain. Which one did you guys get?

Red Rock

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Other 4 members and Jae-Seok goes to catch some fishes. Soo-Hyang looks clumsy and high maintenance type. Se-Hyung looks quite happy to help out village rookie Jennie. Their first strategy to catch the fish fails miserably. They change their game plan but it comes up with the same result, nothing. On their way back Sang-Ho and Do-Yeon find a red rock and they keep it, thinking it could be some kind of hint. They are joined by Noona-Dongsaen (Dam-Bi and Song-Kang) couple with their supply of vegetables. The fishing team still hasn’t got anything even after an hour.

Ki-Young sees a red rock similar to the earlier one. He is able to hide it and late successfully open it with his hammer. Inside it contains elevator buttons for close and open, also, only the open button is lit up. Suddenly Se-Hyung and Jennie saw him and he is caught. They also see another rock and they run towards it, Se-Hyung gets it first but gives it to Jennie. There are other red rocks and all the members of the fishing team have a rock now.

Dumb and Dumber

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Meanwhile, Do-Yeon and Dam-Bi start to boil some water before cooking. They somehow manage to start the fire but forget to put water in the pot. I’m not sure if they are doing it on purpose or it’s scripted. They both go to fill the pot but in the meantime the fire they lit up dies. They try to start it again but fail while Jae-Seok and fishing team arrives. Sang-Ho wants to know how many fishes they caught but later he will surely be surprised to see only two small anchovies. Se-Hyun doesn’t come straight in the house and hides his red rock outside. Jae-Seok uses his Family Outing experience to start the fire for the girls who look him in a new light.

Bread Winner

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Hungry members eat raw cabbage and raw sweet potatoes to fill their stomach. Other members are surprised and frustrated when they see there are only two anchovies. Ki-Young wants to impress Jennie but lacks the skill with fish cutting. Jennie uses bathroom an excuse, toasts her item “bread” in the toaster without anyone else knowing. She keeps coming in and out of the kitchen. Suspicious Se-Hyung follows her but is not able to find the clue or what she is doing with the toaster. She finds her hint”HOT” after Se-Hyung leaves the kitchen and she seems quite pleased with herself.

The whole team is able to cook something edible in the end after a long mess. Sang-Hoo is not skillful in cooking as he said earlier in the episode. After they stuff themselves it’s time to divide the teams. The winning team is able to duplicate an item from the losing team. To divide the team they will play a game. Jae-Seok will ask yes or no questions, members have to sit if their answer is yes. If the sitting and standing teams are separated in even number and in the equal gender they will become a team. The first question is, “have you ever dated a celebrity?” to which every one sit except the married ahjussi and two youngsters. The cast is suspicious about Do-Yeon but she says it was a sseom.

Household Volleyball

Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

Se-Hyung chimes in with saying he was a comedian Oh Ji-Heon to which she denies repeatedly but to no effect. Se-Hyung keeps using Ji-Heon’s name to tease her with much success as well. Nobody is surprised with Dam-Bi sitting which makes her embarrassed. Jae-Seok’s weird questions continue but no solution arrives. They are finally separated into two teams Jennie, Song-Kang, Ki-Young, and Soo-Hyang in one team and other 4 in another team. The first game is volleyball with household items. First competitors are Dam-Bi and Do-Yeon against Soo-Hyang and Jennie. Dam-Bi looks quite aggressive and really wants to win. But they lose because of beginner’s luck with the other team and very, very bad skills of Giant Do-Yeon. Losing makes Dam-Bi really annoyed and her team members find her scary in this mood.

Dam-Bi’s team is able to win the second game because of Se-Hyung’s skill and Dam-Bi’s aggressive cheering. The win makes Dam-Bi quite delighted. In the final game as well Dam-Bi’s team wins even after Do-Yeon does her worst. As the winning team, they will be able to duplicate an item from the losing team. They choose Ki-Young’s hammer and all of them get a hammer. San-Ho goes into his room and finds another hint “Apricot” on the TV.


Village Survival The Eight Episode 1 Recap

It was an introductory episode so we didn’t get much information about the show. The general idea is to search for $10,000 using the given items and hints. The show gives a little vibe similar to the Family Outing but is different from it at the same time. I think they will have to do most of the searching in the night time from what we saw in the teasers and previews. Am I loving it? hmm, it’s not bad but I will have to see a few more episode before I could make mind. The thing I like is their decision to make it an one person winner rather than a whole team. This way we will be able to see a lot of internal betrayals. Will any of them will be able to compete with Kwang-soo’s level? I would love to see that.

Cast-wise I was quite impressed by Dam-Bi, Do-Yeon, and Se-Hyung. They were the most enjoyable and I think that’s because they are more used to Outdoor Variety Shows comparing to others. Song-Kang’s off-the-wall personality is really funny but he needs more screen time. I think he needs to make a few conversations with Jae-Seok and Se-Hyung. There is also an opportunity for a Love line between him and Dam-Bi at least one-sided. I will be expecting more from Sang-Ho and Ki-Young. The biggest drawback, in my opinion, was Jae-Seok. He could be much more interesting as a team member rather than a MC alone or give him both jobs. Although this doesn’t mean he is doing a bad job.

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