Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap, Somebody Does Find The Money

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Village survival gave us good laughs last week in its premiere episode. We will have to see if any of the cast members will be able to find the money or they will go empty-handed. Dam-Bi was really aggressive while Se-Hyung was really cheeky. Jennie’s team will have to work hard if they want to beat these two.

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Broadcast Date: 23rd November 2018

Scary Someone

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Continuing from last week two teams get ready for another game. Jae-Seok talks about “someone” getting too competitive during the volleyball game. Se-Hyung also says he was scared of that someone without naming any names. Both team also give their teams new names Dam-Bi’s team named “We’re Crazy” and Jennie’s team “As If It’s Your Last Time”. They will be playing 5 Second speed quiz. First representatives from both teams are crazy Noona-Donsaeng Dam-Bi and Song-Kang. Jae-Seok gives them multiple choice question. Whoever shouts their team name first gets the chance to answer.

Fools of Korea

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Dam-Bi gets the first go but not only she chose the wrong option but she also says it’s wrong (promoting the disease rather than prevention). I can assure you that this is just the start of her embarrassing moments on this episode. Song-Kang gives it a try as well but he is not any better than Dam-Bi. Behind them, their teammates are getting frustrated because of their bad memory and stupidity. Jae-Seok repeats all the options again for them. After hearing him again Dam-Bi goes again but this time as well she says something totally different from the option Jae-Seok gave (To their defence the options are long worded).

Frustration keeps growing as both crazies continue to give nonsensical wrong answers. Dam-Bi asks Jae-Seok to repeat the options again, which he does. Surprisingly this time Dam-Bi answers correctly but forgets to say her team name before answering. So, she has to say the answer again after shouting her team but this time she forgets the answer again. Dam-Bi finally answers correctly. It took them just 30 minutes to answer the first question. Se-Hyung congratulates her after her win (most likely out of fear) and then he loses his question. Both teams are tied with 1 point each. Next competitors are Soo-Hyang and Sang-Ho, he looks too relaxed. They have to name 5 movie titles with a person’s name in it in 5 seconds.

Celebrating Early

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Both of them have a blank look on their faces after the question is asked. Soo-Hyang gives it a try but says wrong answer and Sang-Ho, on the other hand, keeps mixing movie title with an animation title. Just like before time passes but none of them is able to answer correctly. They even start discussing among each other much to Jae-Seok and their teammate’s surprise. In the end, Sang-Ho is able to answer correctly and now Dam-Bi’s team in lead. The first team to give 4 correct answers will win. Next is cuties from both teams Jennie and Do-Yeon, Do-Yeon answers correctly and now they lead by 2 points (3-1). Se-Hyung is against Ki-Young if he answers correctly his team will win and they be able to copy an item from Jennie’s team.

Jae-Seok gives them an easy question and Se-Hyung shouts his team’s name. He looks confident and starts to give winning speech before he answers. After 5 seconds Jae-Seok tells him his time is up and Ki-Young is able to answer correctly. Crazies are back again for another round. Their question is to name five, 4 letter (Hangul Letter) Korean movie titles in 5 seconds. Their funny skit continues as they are not able to answer 5 titles correctly even after stealing each other’s answers. Jae-Seok knowing their troubles gives them more than 5 titles himself all they have to do is repeat only 5 out of all of them. As you may have guessed they are still struggling even the rooster in the pen finds them frustrating.

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Se-Hyung keeps making remarks from the back which make Dam-Bi more annoyed and angry. Song-Kang uses the opportunity to answer correctly and now both teams are on even terms. Last competitors are Soo-Hyang and Sang-Ho, their question is what is the reason of Jennie’s nickname Jendeukee.  Soo-Hyang answers it correctly and her team wins. They choose to copy Se-Hyung’s magnifying glass. Later, the cast gets busy in preparation for dinner and Song-Kang finds another clue “7 Hs” from his item a cup. They enjoy their dinner and get ready for the final game of the day, it’s also an individual match this time.

One with Three Nipples

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

In this game, the chosen person from the lot will read a question alone and then choose another person from the cast who matches the question. Then the rest of the cast have to guess the question. First up is Soo-Hyang, her question is, “Who is the Shabbiest?” and she chooses Ki-Young. As soon as his name is chosen Se-Hyung starts with some really harsh guesses, let’s read a few of them.

“Who appears to be the rudest?”, “Someone with athlete’s foot on his left feet.”, “Who would have a barbecue when his house is on fire?”, “Who do you think has three nipples?” (this one made me laugh really hard) after Se-Hyung, few other starts join in and slander Ki-Young. In between other members guesses, Se-Hyung’s slandering of Ki-Young continues. Jae-Seok gets annoyed with Se-Hyung and gives him a 3-minute timeout. Do-Yeon guesses correctly and wins a point. Stressed Ki-Young is the chosen one for the next question. He sees the question and chooses the Dam-Bi as the person who matches the question.


Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Now it’s our angry queen’s turn to get verbally abused. Sang-Ho starts the proceeding with, “Who has the strangest personality?” (using a swear word in between) and devastates Dam-Bi. Surprisingly, Song-Kang who was quite up to now aggressively take part in the game during Dam-Bi’s turn. Let’s read a few of his and other member’s guesses.

Song-Kang – “Who looks like someone who loves money?”

Se-Hyung- “Who looks like a Gangster?”

Song-Kang – “Who looks like a smoker?”

“Who is fake?”

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

As if this was not enough Jennie finishes her senior with one remark “Kkondae” (Pedantic). Jae-Seok believes this will haunt Dam-Bi for a long time. Listening to all the guesses have made Ki-Young lose all his stress and now he looks really happy. Do-Yeon guesses correctly again and now has two points. Soo-Hyang correctly guesses other two questions and both get to choose two other items. Soo-Hyang chooses hammer and remote while Do-Yeon chooses Remote and magnifying glass. Jae-Seok tells them that now they can sleep or search for the money it’s up to them and he will see them in the morning.

The Search Begins

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Everyone starts searching for the money using their hints and items. Soo-Hyang finds a hint using her item audio cassette. Hint turns out to be a watch that is five minutes behind the actual time. Lady detective Dam-Bi looks driven but lacks in the intelligence department. Se-Hyung who has only two hint items joins Do-Yeon and both of them find another hint “101”. Everyone is finding more and more clues except our queen Dam-Bi. Ki-Young finds a clue and looks really excited as he thinks he is the only one to find that hint (the hint is “dok”). But it turns out everyone else has already found out about this hint.

Everyone is back home as they get ready to wash up and go to sleep. We as the audience are not shown if the money has been already been found or not. Next morning Jae-Seok wakes up and gives some tips to the staff from his experience from Family Outing. The morning song is played cast wakes up and goes back to sleep and nobody comes out of the room. Jae-Seok announces that first person to come out will get special privilege regarding the morning mission. Winners of the morning mission will get to enjoy the breakfast while others will remain hungry.

Morning Blues

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

The cast members come out one by one without make-up and looking like blowfishes. They look so different that Sang-Ho is not even able to identify Do-Yeon. In the morning mission, they have to say 5 related words in 5 seconds. Jennie’s word is her boss Yang Hyun Suk rather than saying related words she just imitates him much to Jae-Seok’s pleasure. The crazies don’t disappoint again giving us a good laugh with their crazy answers. In the midst of the mission, Dam-Bi is attacked again with “Kkondae” this time by Soo-Hyang. In the end, Do-Yeon, Ki-Young, Jennie, and Song-Kang get to enjoy breakfast. They look little uncomfortable while eating their breakfast as Sang-Ho and Soo-Hyang stare at them.

Now it’s time for the big finale. Most of the cast members are suspicious about Jennie as they don’t know about her item bread’s hint. Especially Sang-Ho thinks she knows where the money is or has already found it. They ask her about the hint regarding the location but she tells them it’s already too late. Jae-Seok gathers everyone and tells them that one of them has already found $10,000. He also tells them that he gave two options to this person first either to keep the money or hide it in the next episode and take $20,000 next time if nobody finds it. That person chooses the first option to keep the money. Now the members have to vote and guess who they think that person is. If the majority vote guesses the right person he/she will not be able to take the money.

It’s Really Not Me

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Before the voting, Jae-Seok reveals the location that all the hints pointed to. All the hints pointed towards the dog Seolgi and the cheque was in his collar. Soo-Hyang and Jennie say they knew the location but they were late and someone has already taken the money. Suddenly Song-Kang says that he thinks Se-Hyung is the “culprit”. His reason is that he saw Se-Hyung unleashing Seolgi last night. One word from Song-Kang makes Se-Hyung the centre of attention and he keeps denying the accusation. After the voting, the majority votes are revealed and it’s Se-Hyung who gets the majority votes. Se-Hyung keeps denying and keep calling the members stupid as he loses power in his legs and falls down.

Jae-Seok finally reveals the person who found the money and it is indeed Se-Hyung. Everyone jumps in joy after the revelation and all of them are really happy that no one was able to take the money. Se-Hyung feels disappointed and not because he was found out but because he was found out by the crazy fool Song-Kang. We will see them again next week.


Wow, I am really enjoying this show. The voting at the end I did not see it coming. I thought someone will find the money and that will be the end of it. I really like this voting thing it’s similar to X-Man if you guys remember. It adds an extra touch of suspense to the mystery. In the entertainment department, this was really worth a watch. This show does shows similarity to Family Outing. In my opinion, this one has the better outing (mind the pun) comparing to the first few episodes of FO. This show will get better as it goes forward and staff will learn from their mistakes and improve upon them. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is the exclusion of Jae-Seok from the race. I get that he is a great MC but he is wasted in that position here.

Village Survival The Eight Episode 2 Recap

Now on the good thing, I’m loving the trio of Do-Yeon, Dam-Bi and Se-Hyung. The chemistry between the three of them is really great maybe because they know each other well. Just like I said in the last episode I see a love line building between Dam-Bi and Song-Kang. Especially after seeing him participating in slandering her and because of their dumbness during quiz missions. I am not sure if both of them are really that way in real life or they are just doing it because they are on a variety show. Jennie, Soo-Hyang, Sang-Ho and Ki-Young have also improved compared to the previous episodes. I hope you guys enjoyed village survival the eight episode 2 recap I can’t wait for the next episode just like you guys.


P.S. – The song played during Ki-Young’s abuse.

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