Welcome 2 Life Recap (Mid-Season)

Welcome 2 Life Recap

Welcome 2 Life Recap

Second Life

Jae-Sang is finally able to make chairwoman pay for her crimes. But even then he is not able to go back to the other side. He then decides to live (differently) than what he used to do. This change in his personality makes people around him a little suspicious. Jae-Sang starts fighting evil but in doing, so he also starts to break rules to catch the culprits. According to him that is the only way to fight and catch the evil doers. This doesn’t sit well with his colleagues especially Dong-Taek but still all of them give him full support.

Jae-Sang has also found his new nemesis known as Do-Sik. Do-Sik is running for mayor and does all sort of bad things to achieve results. He is represented by Jae-Sang’s “old law firm” which sometimes gives advantage to Jae-Sang. As, he is already familiar with their tactics he is able to counter them. His continuous run-ins with Do-Sik may cut short his life. Unlike the other side Jae-Sang has love in his life here in form of Shi-On and his cute daughter. Which is the only positive thing he can see in his life here.

Old Demons

Do-Sik tired of Jae-Sang tries to bring him under control by signing him to his old law firm. He decides to make his decision after his current case about mass murder in orphanage. When the suspected culprits die case seems to be solved. Shi-On then starts suspecting the mother of one of the culprits. As, the team investigate the lady they learn surprising facts about her. The lady is an attention seeker who goes to great lengths for people attention. She goes as far hurting her patients (former nurse) and her own kid for people sympathy and charity.

Team catches her, but she is able to runaway, furthermore she kidnaps Bo-Na (Jae-Sang’s daughter). Jae-Sang is successfully saves her daughter and finally catch the culprit. This incident changes Jae-Sang’s mind, and he decides to stay as prosecutor. Meanwhile, Dong-Taek saves Jae-Sang’s job (illegal investigation) about which Jae-Sang learns later. Elsewhere, Shi-On gets hurt while trying to catch criminal, she gets saved by Dong-Taek from grave injury. Closeness between Dong-Taek and Shi-On causes jealousy which Jae-Sang doesn’t try to hide at all.

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Jealousy Incarnation

Elsewhere, Do-Sik is running his campaign supported by CEO Yoon Pil-Woo. Pil-Woo is helping even though it is clear that he doesn’t like Do-Sik. Jae-Sang starts an investigation in a new case, his jealousy making things hard for him. This new case connects them to Pil-Woo and his bio tech firm. Pil-Woo is having hard time as it is because of failure of his new drug. Do-Sik finds out that Shi-On has been tailing him, and he orders to get her killed. He then leans that Pil-Woo has failed in his drug project and out of anger he nearly kills him.

Welcome 2 Life Recap

Meanwhile, jealous Jae-Sang starts following Shi-On to catch her and Dong-Taek in”act”. But as there is no affair is going on he keeps coming empty-handed with his “investigation”. Meanwhile, the team catch a break in their investigation regarding the earlier mentioned case (a missing child, murder). It turns out they were looking into the case in a totally the wrong way. The one they thought was the victim turned out to be the real culprit. The team is able to capture her before she commits another murder.

Meanwhile, Shi-On secretly investigates the patient taken care by Pil-Woo, the patient may have information about the orphanage murder case. While in the patient’s room Shi-On is nearly caught by Do-Sik, she is saved by Dong-Taek. Jae-Sang on the other hand decide to live more diligently and honestly from now on. Shi-On then secret message regarding information about the orphanage murder case. When she reaches the location she is attacked by Do-Sik’s men and is held captive.  Jae-Sang also goes to the location, but he is attacked as well. One of the attackers hits Shi-On with a hammer. Before she is hit Jae-Sang wakes up in the other world from his coma.

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Back 2 The Other Side

When he wakes up he is surprise to find that he is a lawyer and that his daughter doesn’t exist.  His diagnosis is that he suffer from delirium. Meanwhile, a body is found in the mountain which puts damp in Do-Sik’s plans. The body turns out to be of Shi-On’s brother, couple of other bodies are also found. Jae-Sang worried about Shi-On meets with her. She tells him that she despises him from the bottom of the heart. Jae-Sang worried that investigation in the case will put Shi-On in danger, so he decides to take action.

He returns to his law firm to in his old position. Do-Sik also arrives to the firm hoping to stop the investigation in mountain body case. He is worried that now he will become the prime suspect of the orphanage mass murder. Jae-Sang tells him that he should turn himself rather than fight it. Jae-Sang also resigns from his job furthermore he warns Do-Sik that they will meet again soon. Elsewhere, the head prosecutor decide to form a special task force to solve the mountain bodies serial murder case. The team consists of Shi-On, Dong-Taek and their other colleagues, they are surprised when they are told that Jae-Sang will be leading the team.

End of Welcome 2 Life Recap (Mid-Season). Next recap of Welcome 2 Life will be of the finale week.





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