When Devil Calls Your Name Ep 15-16 Recap

When Devil Calls Your Name Recap

When Devil Calls Your Name Recap

When Devil Calls Your Name Recap

In a last ditch effort to save his soul Ha-Rip tries to kill Mo Tae-Kang but fails. He then cut the tress containing souls which then leads to souls escaping. Choong-Ryeol (knows that Ha-Rip and Dong-Cheon are same) tells Ha-Rip that he will release LAGB’s album and Ha-Rip will be charged will plagiarism. During their conversation a flying soul appears due to which Choong-Ryeol reveals his true thoughts to Ha-Rip. He tells him that how he envied him and wanted Dong-Cheon to be his friend. Ha-Rip apologizes to him and wants him to leave Seo-Young and Yi-Kyung alone but Choong-Ryeol has returned to his true self.

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Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung has lost emotions after selling her soul to Devil. Furthermore, she has no more inspirations for new songs as well. Ha-Rip reminds her that she should not just move forward to become successful but to remembers her previous emotions. She tells him to not see her anymore, Ha-Rip thinks flying/lost can help restore Yi-Kyung’s soul. Seo-Young is still in hospital after overdosing on her pills, Ha-Rip works on his last song before his contract expires. Luka decides to leave, Kang-Ha also leaves Ha-Rip’s after getting his memories.

Elsewhere, Choong-Ryeol becomes his younger self but LAGB’s album shows Dong-Cheon was the composer. Before leaving Luka tells Ha-Rip that his father was the best father, his mother tell Ha-Rip that she loved Dong-Cheon. Choong-Ryeol wants to go back to his old looks as he prefers money to youth. Ryu fulfills his wish but sadly Choong-Ryeol gets arrested for fraud and few other charges. Meanwhile, “bromance” is budding again between Mo Tae-Kang and Ha-Rip. Seo-Young returns as CEO of the company after Choong-Ryeol’s arrest.

Ha-Rip returns his music’s copyrights and donates all his money before his soul is taken. He walks alone in the desert where he meets with Tae-Kang. They chat for a little and then the time to take away his soul arrives. Just like that his soul is taken as Ha-Rip’s story ends in a desert storm. Later, Ryu’s final time arrives as well as he will be taken to hell for his punishment. He is taken to hell and original soul of Mo Tae-Kang takes over his own body. Elsewhere, Choong-Ryeol is sentenced to jail by Kang-Ha who then resigns from his job as a judge.

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All the characters move on in their respective lives on new paths. Yi-Kyung is still lacking emotions hence unable to get inspirations for her music. She decides to leave the industry and holds her last concert. She goes to Ha-Rip’s home and reminiscent her memories with Ha-Rip. Elsewhere, Dong-Cheon is running a cafe in the building owned by Yi-Kyung. He meets with her there and looks like Yi-Kyung’s soul has been restored. While, there Dong-Cheon turns into Ha-Rip surprising Yi-Kyung. He reveals that Ryu played a joke on him and now he turns into Ha-Rip and Dong-Cheon from time to time without any set rule. Episode ends with Dong-Cheon and Yi-Kyung singing in their cafe.

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