When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

My New Muse

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

Ha-Rip goes to Mo Tae-kang and argues that Yi-Kyung didn’t cuss, and she indeed is a first class soul. Tae-Kang tells him that first class souls used to exist before but not anymore. Chances of Yi-Kyung to be a first-class soul are smaller than an ant’s poop. Ha-Rip feels cheated and betrayed as he continues to make a case for Yi-Kyung.

In anger, Ha-Rip tells him that he will bring Yi-Kyung’s contract no matter what, and he will need to prove that she is not a first class soul. Later, Ha-Rip goes to Seo-Young that he has found new talent whom he wants to put on stage to which she angrily disagrees. At the concert, Yi-Kyung agrees to sing but on the condition that audience is not able to see her face. Ha-Rip then introduces her to audience as Kelly his new muse.

She starts singing in her glorious voice making audience stand on her feet as they cheer for her. She becomes internet sensation thanks to her singing and the mystery surrounding her looks. Meanwhile, Tae-Kang to prove that she is not a first class soul tells his “little cult” to start posting harsh comments about her.

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His little game doesn’t plan out as he wanted, Yi-Kyung doesn’t seem to get affected by the malicious comments. Later, by a coincidence Seo-Young sees Ra-In in Tae-Kang’s arms making him jumpy. Seo-Kyung then tells Ra-In that she will be going on world tour, she also asks her about Tae-Kang. Ra-In tells her that she may be in love with Tae-Kang as she has fallen for his beast like masculinity. Angry Seo-Kyung tells her to forget about him or there will be no world tour for her. Later, Ha-Rip tries to charm Yi-Kyung with luxury into making her a star, but she is having none of it.

Meanwhile, Tae-Kang is also having difficult time proving that she is not a first-class soul. Ruka reveals to Yi-Kyung that he thinks Seo Dong-Cheon could be his father. Afterwards, Yi-Kyung gets to meet her new land lord and unsurprisingly it is none other than Ha-Rip. Elsewhere, Tae-Kang takes care of the original landlords by putting them in “standby” mode (truth mode). The couple show their true colors as they fight tooth and nails with each other.

The criminal past of Yi-Kyung is revealed on internet, both her and Ha-Rip receives threatening parcels with dead animals among other things (sent by Tae-Kang). Things are also chaotic at Ha-Rip’s company, Yi-Kyung also arrives there with Ruka. Meanwhile, Tae-Kang is happy about how things are turning out while he is reminded of his past. In a flashback, we see Tae-Kang’s soul taken away by the Devil during his musical. He begs to devil to give him a chance to have his last meal with Seo-Kyung but to no avail.

Elsewhere, Yi-Kyung goes to Mr. Kong for advice regarding her career. Looks like she is set on becoming a singer, Mr. Kong reminds her danger of being at the top. She meets with Ha-Rip and tells him that she wants to be a singer. Delighted Ha-Rip gets her to sign contract with his company. He plans to make her a top star and then make her fall from her grace. He thinks that way he will be able to make her sell her soul to become famous again. Elsewhere, Choong-Ryeol learns from Seo-Young that when they first met he told her that Seo Dong-Cheon told him about her.

Fighting The Past

Meanwhile, Mr. Kong advises Ha-Rip that things doesn’t always go as you want them to. Ha-Rip then goes to meet Yi-Kyung where he runs into Ruka. Ha-Rip gives his new song to Yi-Kyung and tells her to write lyrics and tweak the song the way she wants. Afterwards, Ha-Rip learns that Ruka went to Dong-Cheon’s house, and he is looking for him as a fan. Later, Yi-Kyung is introduced to her new label’s staff, Ruka tags along with her. He tries to get some information about Dong-Cheon from Choong-Ryeol but doesn’t learn anything new. While recording the new song Ruka finds some similarity from earlier song by Dong-Cheon. Which makes Ha-Rip a little happy because someone remembers his past musical genius.

Ha-Rip prepares for Yi-Kyung’s first busking but on her way she gets attacked by some people (sent by Devil). She is still able to perform in the end as she gets applauded by the audience on her own merit. Afterwards, she asks him about Seo Dong-Cheon which lights up Ha-Rip’s memories, and he remembers her as well. Elsewhere, Seo-Young asks Tae-Kang’s about his real identity as she thinks he is not the real one.

This is the end of When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap. I am quite suspicious about the identity of Mr. Kong. Are you guys too?

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