When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap (Mid-Season)

When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap

Previously, Dong-Cheon a forgotten artist signs a contract with devil to become famous and to save his son’s life. According to the contract he well become young, famous in return he will have to give his soul to the Devil. When  devil comes to collect his debt Dong-Cheon (now gets cold feet). Devil then gives him another choice if he will bring Devil a 1st class soul his debts will be forgiven. Then enters Yi-Kyung a girl who wants to be a singer and has a past with Dong-Cheon. Now let’s begin with When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap (Mid-Season).

When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap 

A Girl I Used To Know

Ha-Rip remembers Yi-Kyung from her younger days. He remembers saving her from her abusive father. These memories bring him bittersweet feelings towards their whole situation. Ha-Rip then gets angry towards Ryu (Mo Tae-Kang) for making him steal Yi-Kyung’s music and then bringing her to him. Meanwhile, Tae-kang himself is suffering from identity crisis whenever he is with Seo-Young or thinks about her. His feelings towards her are changing faster with time which he can’t really control or understand.

When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap

Elsewhere, Kang-Ha decides to check his real identity and goes to police station. But at the last moment he chickens out, Kyung-Soo tells him to come back anytime whenever he feels confident. Later, Ha-Rip goes to Yi-Kyung’s home looking for her but finds her parents instead. He then sends her mother to hospital and himself taker care of Yi-Kyung’s father. Yi-Kyung, her brother and mother returns, Yi-Kyung is not happy to see Ha-Rip knowing her situation and asks him to leave. Ha-Rip then hears Yi-Kyung’s mother complaining to her which makes him pity her more.

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Debt To Devil

Yi-Kyung holds a press conference and apologies for her criminal record. But when reporters start coming strong towards her, she replies, “what would you have done in my situation?”. To help her out Ha-Rip also tells the reporters that he was also a victim of domestic abuse caused by his father. Meanwhile, Choong-Ryeol comes to a wrong conclusion that Ha-Rip is Dong-Cheon’s son. Everyone else also gets surprised after hearing about Dong-Cheon and Ha-Rip’s relation, especially Ruka. He finds it hard that his father abused Ha-Rip, his step-brother.

Elsewhere, Tae-Kang hangs out with Seo-Young and gets a kiss making things more complicated for him. We then learn that Dong-Cheon steals money for his son’s (Ruka) surgery. Yi-Kyung becomes the suspect of stealing that money making her life going downhill. Yi-Kyung while helps out (monetary support) her family members after signing the contract. Ryu threatens Ha-Rip that one of his wish has come true (saving his son), so now he needs to fulfil his side of the contract.

Like Father, Like Son

Ha-Rip who didn’t wanted Yi-Kyung to use his song gets surprised when the son becomes no.1 on the chart. Tae-Kang while trying to learn about his fast hearts beats kisses Ra-In but doesn’t get the same response when he kissed Seo-Young.  Later, he gets in an argument with Soo-Rae when the latter tells him not play with humans emotions and souls. Tae-Kang’s feelings are becoming more human like whenever he is around Seo-Kyung. Elsewhere, Ha-Rip has to take Ruka whose health suddenly deteriorates.

At the hospital Ha-Rip realizes that Ruka is his son when he sees his Ruka’s mother. Ruka needs urgent surgery while he really wants to play during Yi-Kyung’s performance. Ha-Rip now realizes what Tae-Kang meant about fulfilling Ha-Rip’s first wish. Later, Ruka gets sick again at Yi-Kyung’s performance so Ha-Rip has to forcibly take his place and play together with Yi-Kyung on stage. Later, she apologizes to Ha-Rip who asks her if doesn’t she wish Dong-Cheon is dead as he is the cause of her past troubles. Both of them get emotional and also too close for comfort.

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Tough Decision

The closeness makes things awkward between them. Later, Choong-Ryeol asks Ha-Rip to reveal the whereabouts of Dong-Cheon. Ha-Rip tells him that Dong-Cheon is dead, Choong-Ryeol doesn’t believe him and continues his investigation into Dong-Cheon. Elsewhere, Ruka agrees to get surgery but until then he works with Kelly. Meanwhile, Ra-In goes to great lengths to sell her soul to Tae-Kang. Her “pureness” (stupidity) is the biggest obstacle in her selling process.

Choong-Ryeol asks Kelly for Dong-Cheon’s whereabouts, but she has no knowledge of it as well. He then receives notice from “Devil” informing him that he has three days to pay his debt (soul). Ruka gets ready for surgery, Ha-Rip stays by his side. During the surgery complications occur, Ha-Rip goes to Ryu and begs him for his son’s life. Ryu tells Ha-Rip that he will grant him his wish if he brings Ryu Yi-Kyung’s soul. Meanwhile, due to complications Ruka is declared dead while in the surgery.

End of When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap (mid-season). I will see you guys for the finale recap in couple of weeks.




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