When Time Stops Premiere Episode Recap

When Time Stops

Kim Hyun-Joong returns to the small screen after 4 years break with a new drama When Time Stops. This is his first drama after his return from his military service. Last few years has been quite tough on him because of all the scandals. In the press conference of the drama, he asked to judge him on his acting abilities. This is also the first lead role of actress An Ji-Hyun and first drama of the broadcasting channel KBS W.

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Introduction of leading couple

When Time Stops When Time Stops

An abrasive Frenchman brings back Korean painting back to Korea for public viewing. But Joon-Woo (Kim Hyun-Joong) steals the painting very easily by his ability to stop time. He moves in, takes the painting and makes his exit while everything and everyone is paused. He takes the painting to his dealer who also happens to be his landlord. His landlord also tells him to move out and find a new place.

When Time Stops When Time Stops

Elsewhere a sleepy Sun-A (An Ji-Hyun) is woken by her alarm as it’s time for her part-time job. She is overjoyed after receiving an extra bonus from her boss. She gets a visit from her debt collector and she has to give all the money she earned.

The first meeting of the couple

When Time Stops

Sun-A is at realtor trying to rent her basement room when Joon-Woo enters looking for a basement room. While showing him room she starts imagining him as a gang leader or a serial killer. He agrees to take take the room after bargaining the price down.

Villain or an Anti-Hero

When Time Stops When Time Stops

A child steals money to save his sick daughter, he also has the ability to rewind the time. Myung-Woon (In Gyo-jin) captures the soul of the kid while the crying kid asks to help her sister. He goes back to kid’s house and scares his alcoholic and abusive dad. He wants him to take care of his daughter and leaves some money with the girl. All the while watched by GOD (Joo Suk-Tae) on a tablet.

Time Stops but not for all

When Time Stops When Time Stops

While returning from her part-time job Sun-A receives the message that she is not selected for the writing competition. Sad and exhausted Sun-A receives another call for another part-time job. While delivering food she gets sleepy and nearly gets in an accident. But just before she is hit by a truck time stops and Joon-Woo appears. He gets close to her but gets a big surprise when she talks back to him.

Personal Opinion :

I am not really impressed, it looks alright but nothing special. Seeing In Gyo-jin in a serious role was more rewarding than other aspects of the show. Although I’m hoping it gets better but looking at what it’s competing with, I’m sure it will not get many audiences.


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